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The music video DING-DONG JESTER was filmed and edited in July 2022, in support of the single, which was released in distribution on June 1, 2022. This single is a bonus track on The Power of Nature, an album produced by two composers from Ukraine, Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat) and Oleg Polyansky. They both currently live and work in China, and the release of the joint album is an undoubted consequence of the musicians' integration into Chinese culture. The album The Power of Nature includes 11 songs by the authors based on the poetry of ancient Chinese poets in a modern musical arrangement, which, according to the authors of the music, is a practical integration of Chinese culture into the world culture.

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Oleg Polyansky Ukrainian classical / jazz pianist and composer

Oleg Polyansky.jpg

DING-DONG-JESTER song in some ways reflects the craziness of the modern world, but from a sunnier side. As if through play, we're trying to get the listener into a frank conversation. Positively.  As if talking about possible scenarios of development in this or that life situation and topical situation. It's as simple as a jester's jingle in his head.

Taras Kutsenko alias TERRY HEIMAT composer, arranger and director of Ding-Dong Jester song.

Taras Kutsenko (Terry_Heimat).jpeg

DING-DONG JESTRE song - is written in three languages at once: English, Chinese and Russian. Don't ask me, Ukrainian, why I will continue to write songs in Russian as well. I'm a musician. All three versions are not connected by storylines, but they all say the same thing: a warm hint at the conscience of each of us. I'm glad that it turned out to be such a fun and slightly sarcastic song in a minor key. By the way, the Chinese version on The Power of Nature is performed by Liu Nan, the soloist of the Zhangjiajie Symphony Center. In the English version you can hear her solo as a backing vocalist.

The recording of the single DING-DONG JESTER featured notable musicians: Outstanding American musician and singer Jackson King, winner of the American International Music Award, who in his time has collaborated with such musicians as: Shania Twain, Celia Cruz, Bobby Martinez, Arturo Sandoval; Venezuelan-born American percussionist and four-time Grammy winner Richard Bravo; Cuban-born American sound producer and Grammy and Emmy Award winner Camilo Valencia. The English lyrics of the song were written by the American lyricist and screenwriter of Ukrainian origin Alex Sino.

Alex Sino


Terry Heimat director of DING-DONG JESTER songs

Today the world community is experiencing, again and again, the turns of our planet's flight into the future. The speed is incredible. The turns are often dangerous, but because of inconsistency, we can all fall by the wayside to the edge of the precipice. So what is going on in society? We have stopped hearing, seeing each other, talking to each other with respect and conceding. Instead, we vainly try to use the principle of the famous three monkeys, which symbolizes the idea of non-attention to evil and detachment from the unreal: "If I see no evil, hear no evil and say nothing of evil, I am immune to it. On each of us depends the future of all mankind. It is up to each of us to keep the planet clean, not only from physical trash, but above all from mental trash. Behind the blinders over our eyes, we have stopped noticing very many important things that could end up hurting each and every one of us.

The video clip was filmed by different videographers on the theme of the metamorphosis taking place in society. There is protest and attack and struggle against fear. A group of Chinese videomakers from Terry Heimat Production Studio worked on the creation of a unified style of video clip.

The theme of the video clip has a deeper dimension, do you often meet people around you who are afraid to tell the truth?

Terry Heimat:

Before I find a liar among my own, I first ask myself this question - How often do I tell myself the truth. And my answer doesn't always satisfy me. We are all prone to lie to ourselves, it is human nature. But there's a limit to everything, and when that limit is reached, that's when that big smelly bill comes in the restaurant where you didn't notice the rotten crabs or mussels.

What are your plans for the future, as a director and also as a composer.

Terry Heimat:

At the moment we are finishing the release of the album The Power of Nature, and then I hope there will be strength and opportunities to start exploring new directions in music for myself. In any case, for a musician the whole world is his port of call. 

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