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Pavol Petrik

Festival Director

Pavol Petrik is working in music industry from year 2002. His music career started as a singer and after 10 years his role slowly changed to music producer, video movie director, and manager of artists, singers, or video makers. In this field he feels much more comfortable, so he established his own company.He says : " Its pleasure for me to work with young talented people, and help them to become known in music industry"

The company he owns has produced more then 70 music videos. For some of them his studio received prestigious awards. The music videos are very popular on social networks. His company produced music video for famous Slovakian artists. For example, Rytmus –"AKM 17 "million views or singer Tina- "Si sam"15 million views.

During the years when Pavol was mostly singer, he has collaborated with managers of music stars like Black Eyed Peace, Floride, Snoop Dog, Smiley or Madonna.


The skills and experience he has gained, convinced him to create the festival Munich Music Video Awards.

"We want to give people a chance to shine like stars"

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